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                                        Time: 2020-02-20

                                        On the morning of February 19th, Jiangsu Zidong Food Co., Ltd. once again accepted the acceptance of the resumption of work by 7 departments led by the County Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. In the end, the inspection team concluded that the resumption plan and emergency response plan of our company during the epidemic prevention and control period were scientific It is feasible, prevention and control materials are adequately prepared, and all employees have resumed work for more than 14 days. The activity track is clearly checked. Under the high attention and strong leadership of the town party committee and government, the enterprise has put pressure on itself to strictly implement the main responsibility of the enterprise and has the conditions for resuming work. Report time to resume work.

                                        Through the coordination and arrangement of the town government, all employees of Jiangsu Zidong Food Co., Ltd. went to Yangji Health Center for a health check before returning to work that afternoon.

                                        We are ready!
                                        Safe production, adhere to the epidemic prevention and control, during the epidemic, please come to the factory to accept inspections, thank you for your cooperation and support!

                                        Our company mainly produces food grade, feed grade potassium chloride, phosphate, sulfate, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, electroplating grade ferrous sulfate! Various levels can be specially customized! Complete qualifications! If necessary, please call 15105121999 Manager Xue, we will provide you with professional services and high-quality products. Thank you for your trust and support, thank you!

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